Citizenship Awards

ECAS Awards 2023: help us foster participation in the EU elections!



As EU citizens of voting age will soon be able to submit their ballots, this fourth edition of the ECAS Awards focuses on improving voting conditions and fostering political participation. As we know, the turnout of the European Parliament elections in 2019 was still relatively low (50.66%). Multiple factors may have been at stake: difficulties in registering, limited information on the role of the European Parliament, lack of political interest, etc.

We need your opinion!

In your opinion, why do citizens feel disconnected from EU politics? How can we increase voter’s turnout? Do you have a solution in mind to enhance political participation? What can we do to encourage young people to vote? As part of the ECAS Awards 2023, we invite you to share your thoughts and recommendations!

If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ section below

How to participate

Create an account or log in to our platform and start voting.

Who can participate

Everyone can participate.

When will the first phase end?

The first phase will last until the 31rst of October 2023

What happens next?

During the second phase of the ECAS Awards, you will be invited to vote for the three best solutions.

I have a problem with the platform. Where can I get support?

Please contact us at info(at)

How will my data be processed?

Your data will be process strictly within the GDPR requirements. If you wish us to delete your data, contact us at info(at)

Citizenship Innovation Awards 2023

What can be done to foster political participation?

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