European Dystopia

European Parliament elections are coming up. Nothing can go wrong, right?

In 2023, ECAS implemented the European Elections Dystopia crowdsourcing process in all 27 Member States, which challenged EU citizens to imagine fictional dystopia scenarios that could highlight vulnerabilities that the EU democratic system might face under extreme circumstances.

This crowdsourcing process was implemented online via ECAS’s Crowdsourcing Platform, and workshops were implemented in person, online, or hybrid format by our civil society partners across the EU.


The ultimate goal of this crowdsourcing process was for citizens to reflect and identify potential behaviours they could change or stop doing to prevent their democratic nightmare. At the end of the activity, citizens pledged to vote responsibly, engage in political conversations, and actively combat disinformation. In addition to personal commitments, citizens put forth concrete suggestions for decision-makers, which will be shared with relevant stakeholders, including Members of Parliament (MEPs), policymakers, and civil society actors.

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