Citizenship Awards

What type of rights should be attached to our EU citizenship? What values are missing in the development of citizens’ rights?



In the last two years, we have observed major changes in the way EU citizens live, travel and envision their needs for the future. EU citizens already benefit from the right to move freely in the EU, the right to work, study, retire or volunteer in another Member State, the right to vote in their host country. However, there is a need not only to promote existing rights, but to reflect on new rights which are currently missing and yet are at the heart of nowadays EU citizens' activities and concerns.

What type of new rights do EU citizens need? Do we want to see a unified health system? EU ecological rights? Reinforce freedom of movement? Harmonize electoral opportunities for EU mobile citizens? Create new laws to tackle discrimination? 

We want to hear from you!

What Rights would YOU like to have as an EU CITIZEN?

Do you think an existing EU Right needs to be redefined in light of changes in our societies or new needs (e.g., electoral rights, freedom of movement, rights of vulnerable groups, etc.) or do you want to propose a brand-new right that you think is currently lacking and would enhance European citizenship!

ECAS AWARDS will be granted to the three best ideas!

If you have additional questions, check out our FAQ section below.

How to participate

The ECAS crowdsourcing platform is where the magic happens. Create an account or log in to our platform and provide your suggestion so that your idea can win one of the awards.

Who can participate

You can take part in the competition if you are an EU citizen.

What is the deadline?

You can submit your contribution by December 15, 2022.

When will the voting start?

After we gather all the ideas, we will open the voting phase.

You will have the chance to vote for the best idea by January 30th, 2023.

After the end of the voting phase, the winners will be announced publicly on the ECAS website, our crowdsourcing platform and on social media.

What are the awards?

The three ideas which have receibed the most votes will be awarded at a ceremony in Brussels in March 2023:
- Travel and accommodation costs of the winners to the award ceremony will be covered;
- A EUR 200 award;
- The winning ideas will be promoted through tailor-made videos produced by ECAS.

How many rights can I suggest?

Each individual can suggest one idea only.

What if other people have already suggested my idea?

Before submitting, you can check out what other people have suggested so far on this page. If your idea is similar to one already proposed, you can provide more context or attach media in order to differentiate it.

I have a problem with the platform. Where can I get support?

Please contact us at info(at)

How will my data be processed?

Your data will be process strictly within the GDPR requirements. If you wish us to delete your data, contact us at info(at)


What are the new citizens’ rights?

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