According to Eurostat, in 2023, over 90% of people in the EU used the internet at least once a week. However, 44% of EU citizens lack basic digital skills.

As part of the European digital decade, ECAS is inviting all EU citizens to share what type of initiatives they would like to see more in their neighbourhood, to improve digital inclusion.

Can you think of any concrete solution (e.g. free digital courses for elderly people, compulsory access plug-ins on all websites, translation projects, digital education in schools etc…) that would facilitate digital inclusion and allow all citizens to fully enjoy the opportunities provided by a digitalised world? What could help improve digital security and safety? What type of initiatives can ensure affordable and efficient connectivity, including in remote areas?

We want to hear from you!

Please provide your solutions and recommendations to develop a stronger digital inclusion that leaves no one behind!

How to participate

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Who can participate

Anyone can participate

What happens next?

We are now in the first phase of the awards, where citizens are invited to provide their contributions. During the second phase, opening on October 28th, citizens will be invited to select the best idea.

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