European Dystopia

European Parliament elections are coming up. Nothing can go wrong, right?

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Answer the short questionnaire above and share what you fear about the 2024 European Parliament elections and how we can avoid it! 

With crises seemingly a part of our everyday life, who hasn't thought that it feels like we live in a dystopian novel? European Elections Dystopia is an exercise in citizen creativity - tell us what you see as the worst thing that can happen as a result of the European Parliament elections taking place in 2024.

🚨 Is it a European Parliament full of populists?
💰Or members of Parliament who defend corporate interests?

Something else entirely? Tell us your worst-case scenario! 

Then take it one step further and share what we can do in order to prevent this from ever happening. Your input will help us reach out to politicians, journalists, activists and other stakeholders in order to ensure that the European Parliament elections in 2024 would NOT make YOUR dystopia a reality! 

European Dystopia

Questionnaire on European Dystopia

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